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Re: Seems Odoo just got hacked

- 09/24/2015 17:34:59
Nhomar, not sure of what you mean by "exposed the intranet on internet". Either it is an intranet or an internet. I've never seen the kind of log we are speaking about on an intranet, else it would definitly be time to panic, imho ;-)

2015-09-24 21:43 GMT+02:00 Nhomar Hernández <>:

2015-09-24 13:57 GMT-05:00 Dominique Chabord <>:
a typical problem of exposing an ERP to internet. Nothing more but nothing less ;-)

Nah! even the CIA have exposed the intranet on internet, depending of what are you protecting is the investment you do on infrastructure, if not "How All CIA office communate each other?".