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Odoo vs SAP for data security

Ecosoft Co. LTD, Kitti Upariphutthiphong
- 09/24/2015 13:38:11
Dear community,

We got an opportunity to kill SAP completely with Odoo (Yes!!!) in one big organization.

Through implementation, we think Odoo can replace, and in many area better and more flexible than SAP. But there are one thing that our customer says SAP could do and Odoo can not, and it is also a big concern.

It is about security access to database. SAP claim that, no one can access its database and update any number directly. And even there is rights in database, SAP structure in the way it is very complex to understand. All update will be done through SAP only. (is it true?)

While Odoo, as we know, the door is quite open.

Anyone have that experiences, and can share with us how we could make Odoo being more secured like what SAP. May be through the combination of technique in database or API levels or anything.

Thanks for your advice.


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