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Re: Odoo 9 Accounting Spec

Ferdinand Gassauer
- 09/23/2015 16:26:01
On 2015-09-22 20:27, Anders Wallenquist wrote:
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Den 2015-09-22 kl. 15:04, skrev Fabien Pinckaers:
> Hello,
> We get a lot of questions about Odoo 9 accounting. As a reminder, you 
> can get more information here:
> List of features:
> In this page, you can also check if we can connect to your bank 
> account. (search your bank on the right of the page)
> Specifications: 
> It's a technical document, but it will give you more information about 
> why we changed some features that way. Example, why we removed periods 
> and fiscal years: 
although I agree with most of the arguments in this documents there are probably some issues.

change of fiscal year end date - it's now in company. which does not correspond to "my" reality.
many of my companies changed the fiscal year end date

the printed report needs the tree structure - complex reports with many indents are not user friendly if no structure is visible for the user.

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Well, there are a lot of work to get localizations to work after the 
slaughter of accounting and it was a surprise that we will have lost the 
concept of period and fiscal year.

Are there any plans for the OCA to "fore port" (backport in reverse) 
periods and fiscal years? It will take man-years to recreate the 
localizations for Sweden for v9, if there are any customers that want to 
pay somebody for the work, as it looks like now.


Anders Wallenquist
> Hope it helps,
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> Fabien
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