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Odoo 9 beta-testing

Olivier Dony (odo)
- 09/22/2015 15:04:44
Hello everyone,

As you've certainly heard, Odoo 9 is now feature complete and we're in the 
final stabilising / beta-testing phase. The final version is scheduled for 
release on October 1rst, and we're looking for beta-testers and feedback.

# How can you test?

For Odoo Enterprise Edition:
- Start a beta-test free trial on the Odoo Online cloud:  (no demo data)
- Use a pre-allocated demo instance: (with demo data)
- Test on Runbot: (with demo data)
- (Installation packages coming soon)

For Odoo 9 Community Edition:
- Test on Runbot:
- Installation packages:

Please note that beta-test free trial / demo databases may be dropped at any 
time when we upgrade the Odoo Online servers, so do not hesitate to re-create 
them later if they stop working.

# Where can you report problems?

For both Enterprise and Community editions, you can report bugs on GitHub:

1) Search existing bugs first:

2) Report new bugs:[9.0]+

Please be sure to have "[9.0]" in the title, include the steps to reproduce, 
and mention explicitly if you know that your issue is related to the Enterprise 

Happy testing!