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Re: Odoo Hosted

- 09/22/2015 10:29:07
my answers below.
Today only based on plans because V9 is not out yet.

2015-09-22 15:53 GMT+02:00 Dave Ellison <>:
> Hi,
> Is Odoo hosted only available through Odoo directly

Odoo 9 can be hosted by third parties.

> or partners able to
> offer the same service on their own pricing structure?

Do you mean providing consultancy on top of Odoo official Saas ?
I've seen this case since some have asked to migrate from Odoo
official Saas to SISalp in the recent past. I think this was usual
when Odoo provided limited free hosting. I know the same exists on
SISalp's free hosting and some consultants serve a hand of customers
on free hosting.
In all cases it relates to small businesses which are not likely to
afford Enterprise. For more demanding business, you must have control
on the code, which is not possible on Odoo official Saas.

> Or are some of
> the partners planning to put Odoo enterprise on their own SAAS?

I guess most will do so.
Sharing SISalp hosting experience :
Some partners have asked me to host Enterprise for their customers.
Some work as OEM and incorporate SISalp's hosting in their price
structure. Some just recommand SISalp as a platform they can deal with
and bring expertise and Enterprise contract.
In any case, partners have to install the code of Enterprise by their
own since I have no access to it.
Specially on SISalp, partners commit not to mix AGPL and non free or
NDAed software in the code they add.
> Thanks
> Dave
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