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Re: anybox.recipe.odoo: will there be V9 version?

Stefan Rijnhart
- 09/22/2015 02:52:39
On 21-09-15 23:06, robert rottermann wrote:
> somewhere I found instructions, that I should use branch 1.8.
> I am unsure which one I am using actually, but I do not have a section [odoo] 
> but a section [openerp].

Hi Robert,

Looking at the documentation, I can see why you are confused. Its
examples are still from the old openerp recipe.

Here is a bare minimum buildout.cfg for Odoo. That will get you version
1.9.1 of the recipe at this point.

parts = odoo
find-links =

recipe = anybox.recipe.odoo:server
version = git odoo 8.0


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