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Re: How to modify the Link to survey when sent by email ? [Odoo 8]

Yassine TEIMI
- 09/21/2015 04:40:56
Thanks Lynn, I got it, I changed the web.base.url on system paramaters, and it works. Thanks.

2015-09-21 9:32 GMT+01:00 Yassine Teimi <>:
Note that I'm using Nginx as a reverse proxy so I access my odoo website directly wit hout passing through 8069 port. 

I use also db_filter to get the prod database directly when a user access my odoo website. 

Besides, I use my ip adress to acess the website, I did'nt point my domain name to my dedicated server yet. 

I hope I gave enough informations about my situation.

Thanks a lot.



Yassine TEIMI

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