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Re: Sale and purchase workflow

Nhomar Hernandez
- 09/21/2015 04:27:54

2015-09-20 9:33 GMT-05:00 Fabien Pinckaers <>:
Graeme, Ana,

Your issues have been fixed. You can test the sale / purchase flow again?


I am filling a document detailed with my comments about some things I do not understand and other ones I think are wrong.

I am filling case by case an issue on github, and putting them in the document.

If somebody else is not agreed with my comments or simply needs to add something, please feel free to comment there or on the specific issue on github.

@fpodoo is this the correct approach? or do you think I can use another path, because in the middle I think we will found several things (issues or not) and dispers everything on different places will be complex.


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