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Re: How to modify the Link to survey when sent by email ? [Odoo 8]

- 09/20/2015 22:45:32
Maybe because your "web.base.url" changes each time.

2015-09-20 16:52 GMT+08:00 Yassine Teimi <>:

Hi guys,

I can explain more about this issue.  Any suggestions dears ?


Le 19 sept. 2015 18:39, "Yassine Teimi" <> a écrit :

I sent my survey by email to share it. There is a link to start the survey, when I click on it it always give me backend-odoo/survery/..... I tried to change the link via the email design template, but it gives by default the "backend-odoo" at the first of any link I try. 

I also tried to change the alias to my domain name, but no changes happened. 

When I open the survey from the odoo backend, the survey is loaded successfully, the problem is when I receive the survey link by email and click on it.

Can you give me a hand on that. Thanks.



Yassine TEIMI

Consultant & Odoo Project Manager
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