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Events: gathering additional information from registrants

- 09/20/2015 12:06:21

We're evaluating using Odoo to handle registrations and general
organisation of a well-known Open Source conference (non-profit),
but there are still a number of uncertainties we're experiencing
during the evaluation.

When a participant of an event buys a ticket and registers with an
event, I would like to be able to query the person for additional
information, such as t-shirt size, food preference, emergency
contact, or whether the person would like to be added to a specific
mailing list.

Ideally, as part of the registration process, the person would be
asked to submit these data after payment has been processed. To
allow for later changes, the form should also be accessible through
a direct URL at any time.

How would you approach this?

I've been told about Customer Profiles, but these bear a bunch of

  1. Only select-box questions seem to be possible (see attachment).
     How can I create free-form text entries, date boxes, check
     boxes etc.? I noticed that these are possible with
     Marketing→Survey, but not with Sales→Questionaire, and yet only
     the latter can be associated with partners.

  2. How can I automatically associate a given questionaire with
     people registering for a given conference, e.g. when
     registering for BarCamp2015, associate the questionaires "BC15
     swag" and "BC15 food"? So far, I could only manually associate
     a questionaire with a partner after they registered, which
     clearly wouldn't scale.

  3. How do I redirect the registrants to these questionaires as
     part of the registration/ticket sales process?

Thanks for any input!

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