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Re: Scheduling an event's tracks

- 09/20/2015 02:54:42
also sprach Fabrice Henrion <> [2015-09-19 23:53 +0200]:
> Create a gantt view on the track object and you will have
> everything you need. If you group it by room, you can then drag
> and drop vertically to move a track from one room to another. You
> will also have an "undefined" group for tracks that are not
> assigned to a room yet. You can also drag and drop horizontally to
> change the date or the duration.

Hi Fabrice, again thanks for your really fast response.

What do you mean by "gantt view"? Did you mean Kanban?

If so, then I can imagine how this could work and I'll have to try
it out.

Would there be a way to influence the day/time as well? I can
imagine groups for the different rooms, and maybe eben for the
different day+room combinations, but then it'd be awesome to be able
to drag events up and down as well as thereby change their time.

Actually, if you take calendar view (which is essentially one
dimensional downwards), you can already see concurrent events next
to each other, though there are visual overlaps. A mixture of these
interfaces, i.e. a calendar to schedule times by moving events
vertically, and a Kanban overlayed, such that I could e.g. move
events between rooms (or days) by dragging them horizontally, that
would work perfectly.

And then the icing on top would be if the interface prevented me
from introducing conflicts, e.g. not allowing an event to be moved
to a busy timeslot in a room, or two events with the same speaker
scheduled at the same time in different rooms.

Thanks for your consideration and time!

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