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Re: Scheduling an event's tracks

- 09/19/2015 17:33:44
Hi Fabrice,

thanks for your quick answer!

I had found the Events Tracks calendar view, but the tracks do not
show up. I am using OCB/8.0.

But I know now why that is. ;)

The event seems to be dated in the future of the installation, so
that it shows up in "upcoming events", but the tracks are not moved
along! They are all on 2015-06-04…

… where indeed I can move them around. Awesome!! I will play with
this and especially need to figure out how to move between rooms.

What would be really awesome now is a list of unscheduled tracks on
the side, such that I can drag them into the calendar and thereby
schedule the events.

Is this somehow possible?

Thank you for your time!

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