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Re: Review v9 User Documentation

Jorge Rodríguez
- 09/19/2015 09:07:09
Good morning:

	I already review the accounting module of Odoo 9 Enterprise and I have
some suggestions to improve it: Odoo 9%


Jorge Rodríguez

El mié, 09-09-2015 a las 09:40 +0000, Martin Trigaux escribió:
> Hello community,
> The freeze period of Odoo 9.0 is approaching as most of the changes are 
> now done. This means that it is the perfect time to have a peak at the 
> future version and help us develop the documentation.
> We understand that writing a new page from scratch takes time but you 
> can still help us by reviewing the pages.
> If you check below spreadsheet, you will see that many pages in 
> accounting (our priority) or purchase are waiting review process. Don't 
> hesitate to have a look and drop some comments on Google Docs pages if 
> you can.
> Once you feel a page is ready, you can modify it's status to "reviewed" 
> (or contact me directly) so that we can start the conversion to publish 
> the page.
> If you notice an error or wish to improve a page already published, you 
> can submit it on github 
> ( or check with us at 
> Odoo (if Github feels too techish).
> On the technical side, we have just created the 9.0 branch, this means 
> that when testing, you can now access the latest test build at the 
> following shortcut URLs:
> for Enterprise version
> for Community version
> or to access the full list of builds (if one is 
> temporary unavailable)
> Thank you for your help
> Martin


Jorge Rodríguez