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Re: Sale and purchase workflow

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 09/18/2015 03:01:26
Hi Graeme,

Thanks for the feedback. Don't hesitate to send more.

For example in the order lines are iterated over 4 times.  This seems pointless and could just be once.

We will improve the code. But it should not change anything in the performance since it's just Python code, no SQL.
In it is a bit difficult to understand what is going on.  In general there are no docstrings or help throughout making community adjustment that much more difficult.

Yes, we will add a docstring and parenthesis. here it seems a design decision has been made that invoices out count towards quantity but refunds are not to decrement it.  I'd like to understand that.  A common action is/was refund and modify, to me that would double count.

That's actually a bug. Thanks for reporting, we will fix it. The normal behaviour:

- Refund generated from SO should be taken into account (usually because of a too large deposit or decrease of sold quantities)
- Refund generated from Accounting should not be taken into account, even if it's a refund of an invoice generated from a SO (exceptions should always be handled manually, there are too much possibilities to automate one behaviour)
This will be fixed today. here one of the most frustrating inconsistencies has been retained.  Sale Orders get their tax from the product, invoices fallback to the account.  Pretty please change this.  In multicompany environments this is so frustrating.  Only a user with access to all companies can create a product if it needs taxes.  If another user does, then another company uses it, no tax gets charged.

It's the normal behaviour and was already like that in v8. It's normal that a multi-company product should define his taxes for every company. Note that there is a default tax on the company. So, newly created product should be defined using this default tax. (so you only have to change i you want another tax than the default one).

Of course a roadmap would be nice, especially since only a few days ago a code freeze was announced.  Seems every release a massive surprise hits just before launch. 6.0 - not 5.x, new web client, 6.1 - Hmm no surprises I remember

Yes, 6.1 was the biggest flamewar actually: drop of GTK client to focus on web client.