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Re: CDN for version 9

by Olivier Dony <> - 09/17/2015 18:25:27
On 09/16/2015 11:23 AM, Hans Yonathan wrote:
> Hi Odoo,
> When I am testing version 9, I found in website admin, right now we have
> configuration of CDN.
> Thanks for this feature! =D
> I have question, which is:
> When we make this configuration, is it only affect the website or affect all
> our ERP?

By default it will only work for "website-enabled" requests, that is; for the 
website part mainly - and only for unauthenticated sessions.
It's fairly simple to extend in a module by changing the logic of the 
get_cdn_url() method, though.

However, the benefits of a CDN are mostly meant for new website visitors (less 
workload and less bandwidth consumed for the origin servers).
Authenticated users and backend users are returning users that have most of the 
resources in the browser cache already (CSS/JS bundles and images, typically), 
so a CDN doesn't help. For them, leveraging browser caching is more important 
than using a CDN.

BTW many CDNs offer a deployment mode where the CDN directly serves the main 
domain and proxies uncached requests to the origin server. In that mode there 
is nothing to configure in Odoo itself and everything that can be cached by the 
CDN should be, even in the backend. The downside is that all uncacheable 
requests (all the JSON-RPC requests of the backend, for example) always have to 
transit via the CDN, making them slightly slower.