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Official support for STAR TSP650II (with USB) printer on posbox

Joren Van Onder (jov)
- 09/17/2015 06:59:38
Hi everyone,

 From today on we will officially support the Star TSP650II printer
with USB interface on the posbox.

For people interested in trying it, you will need:

1) A recent posbox image. If the image you're running is newer than
Aug 26th then you can upgrade through the interface at :8069/hw_proxy/upgrade/.

This might take a while if your internet connection is slow
(>15min). After the upgrade is finished the posbox will reboot and
then you can check if the upgrade was successful by checking that
'Latest patch:' matches the top commit on:

Ofcourse you can always just download, extract and flash from

which will support the printer without having to upgrade first.

2) You will need to change some DIP-switches on the printer itself. In
order to do that you have to turn the printer off and unscrew a small
panel on the bottom of it:

The DIP-switches have to be set to exactly the following configuration
for the printer to work with the posbox:

Kind regards,