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Re: Sale and purchase workflow

Dave Ellison
- 09/17/2015 04:16:08

I was not following the "removed workflow", to be removed the functionality to create a workflow via a diagram. Assumed from my simple interpretation, that the currently created workflow "diagram" had been removed. So... this is bad. The functionality of being able to design a workflow via a diagram is a fundamental enterprise ERP feature. To remove that functionality in favor of programming it, is not the correct way. Implementing Odoo, should not be solely a developers role. Implementing and I'm sure I am preaching to the converted here. Requires the roles of many people, including infrastructure, analysts and developers. People like business analysts should be able to technically modify the system using tools like the "developers mode". Adjust and created new models via the settings, which is all possible now, except the workflow. I have not come across any "good" enterprise ERP that does not have a good workflow editor like on version 8 and previous. I come from a business analyst role from two large companies, I believe removing that functionality is a bad idea. I have and will develop using Python, but those skill sets are not always what a company expects, when they want some minor screen customisation or changes to workflow. So yeah, not convinced about this approach.


</end rant>

On 16/09/15 17:27, Nhomar Hernández wrote:
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2015-09-16 7:52 GMT-05:00 Fabien Pinckaers <>:
It's more subtle than that.

- Shipped Quantities: can only be changed if it's a service whereas the delivery is tracked manually. Otherwise, it's computed (from delivery orders or timesheets) and you can not modify it.

- Ordered Quantities: freezed when it's done. (you can mark as done when you want or even set an automated action that "set done" every order when it's confirmed, the v7/v8 behaviour). The quantities can only be changed from the "Sales Order" menu, not the "Quotation" one. Usually sales people work in the quotation menu, not sales order. So, they should not make changes "by mistake". (you can even make the menu accessible to managers only if you want)

Note 1: changing Ordered quantities may not have an impact on the invoicing. As an example, if you sell physical goods, you probably invoice based on delivered quantities. In this case, the ordered quantity (the only field you can update) has no impact on the invoicing.

Note 2: for the price, the price can not be changed once the line has been partially invoiced (it's per line). But you can add some lines, or set their quantities to 0. (if you want to make a price change)

If you want the exact same behaviour than v7/v8 (not being able to change anything), you just need to set the order_lines in readonly, through the view editor.

This seems like the correct direction, certainly from m


As I explained before... It was 1000 times easiest use workflows in a graphical way to document/explain/audit your process than use orthogonal programming.

You should "Improve workflows" not remove them....

This will be an endless discussion, you simply destroy the functional approach.

I know use orthogonal programming is "easiest" but how do you audit with a functional guy such process? how do you make a quick mock up in front of him?,

We do not have only 4 hooks. we have by default hundreds let me explain better:

- All the IF's to change status where 2 click of distance.
- Extra Status where 2 clicks of distance.
- ACL at workflow level (setting the group on transition) at a click distance.

You should simply separate action_** methods on little ones (hooks) to be able to use them in more different places....

BPM dude.... now this discusion will be here for years....

- About edition of SO:

I am really sorry but the unflexibility that you have before is GOOD not BAD.... your document flow must be Bullet Proof (and it was), was it complicated to extend? Yes, but just when you do not understand the workflow concept.

We reduced to almost 0 inconsistencies joining Invoice workflow to electronic signature.... and audit the process where somthing failed was almost with no effort....

IMHO now we have an invoice system with django power..... :-s

Even if you added 30 or 40 features I am sure it will not pay lose the workflow itself.

Who do not use workflows is simply because it need love (the engine itself) not because it was a bad Idea.

NOW: Compite with Bonita/BMP will not cause me laught anymore because Odoo took the correct BPM concept it has and put in the garbage to invest on pretty screens and be able to hire low level "Orthogonal Programmers" availables.

I will test it as usual, and probably I will learn and at the end I will finish understanding it, but you remove a Key concept dude, you remove a key concept......

Workflow-Based Approach to Efficient Programming and Reliable Execution of Grid Applications.

Sales and purchases are Grid applications, that even the most smart guy in the world will not be able ever to make complete, you need the grid to audit what you changes, why and when....


Saludos Cordiales

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Nhomar Hernandez

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