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Re: Sale and purchase workflow

- 09/16/2015 11:49:14
Hi All,

On 16/09/2015 12:07, Fabien Pinckaers wrote:
> I agree on "extensibility is very important". But the current
> implementation is way more extensible than the v8 one. Just a few
> examples try to extend v8 to:
> - allow editing a sale order

Fabien, I made a test on the demo ( I created a
sale order with a line of 35 PCE of [A1232] iPad Mini. I validated the
quotation. A Delivery order with 35 PCE has been created.

Now, I changed the quantity of the SO line from 35 PCE to 75 PCE then
save the sale order. The delivery order is not updated: Well, I have 35
PCE + 40 PCE in the 'Initial demand' tab but only one line on the
'Operations' tab. Maybe it's what you want, but I see that like a bug.

I think it's one of the first issues due to the removing of the
workflow, but not the last one. Allowing modifications on previous
documents on a flow needs a lot of integrity checks and sorry, but it's
not the main quality of Odoo :/