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- 09/16/2015 07:55:07
On 16/09/15 12:43, Vicky Ach wrote:
> Al,
> When you say copyright you mean in general(Applies to all open source
> software) or in term of ODOO(as open source under LGPL), please be specific.

I mean exactly what I said. I wasn't referring to any specific piece of 
software or license.

Irrespective of the software in question someone, or some other entity, 
owns the _copyright_ to that software and has the _right_ to determine 
the license and other conditions under which it is provided; it is their 
choice, not the consumers'.

> Let me know your views on ODOO which comes under LGPL licence.

My statement has nothing to do with a particular piece of software or a 
particular license. It was in response to the (IMHO) rather naive 
comment by Parthiv:

> "... even I prefer that contributions towards the open source should be regarded BUT it should not be IMPOSED on some one, how many of magento, wordpress or even prestasho theme have link to their site ? When we talk about a website or CMS it has a right to get all 100% look and feel the way designer or a company wants. Why should they have to reveal the technology behind the site when other person might not have anything to do with it. And this was one of the reason Odoo opt for LGPL to keep things under cover."