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- 09/16/2015 07:36:29



When you say copyright you mean in general(Applies to all open source software) or in term of ODOO(as open source under LGPL), please be specific.


Let me know your views on ODOO which comes under LGPL licence.





From: Alan Lord []
Sent: 16 September 2015 16:22
To: Community
Subject: Re: Removed Powered by


On 16/09/15 11:09, Parthiv Patel wrote:



> IMHO it's upto an individual, whether to keep the logo at the bottom or

> not, but It MUST NOT BE IMPOSED.




It is certainly _not_ up to the individual. It is up to the copyright 

holder of the software they are using *for free* to decide on what they 

can and can't do with it.


Depending on their license choices, a user may, or may not, be legally 

allowed to remove or change things. It actually has _nothing_ to do with 

the individual user in the first instance.


Of course, there is plenty of Free Software where the user can do as 

they please with it. *But* the choice to grant this freedom or not 

belongs to the copyright holder - not the consumer.



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