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OPENTIA S.L., Alberto Barrionuevo
- 09/16/2015 07:01:17
On 16/09/15 10:53, Hesham ELMAHDY wrote:
>  From my understanding, legally there is nothing wrong in removing or
> replacing text or images as long as copyright statements are written
> where and how they are supposed to be in code and license. Many
> customers want only their logo to appear to their employees and external
> users. However if someone commits a criminal act of selling or stealing
> the copyright,  then it should be addressed legally not technically for
> a criminal will not adhere to any rules so no need to stop other people
> from doing something legal because of a probability of criminal act.
> That is as far as I understood from opensource licenses. Please correct
> me if I'm wrong.
It depends on the license.

Legally speaking, in AGPL you cannot remove either the public 
attribution of the software to the author. Not only the copyright in the 

AGPL was designed as the anti-SaS (or anti-Google) license to prevent to 
service a software hiding to the user who is/are the real author(s) of 
such a software.

With LGPL you can remove it no matter if it's morally fair or not.

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