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Re: Removed Powered by

- 09/16/2015 06:45:11
On 16/09/15 11:09, Parthiv Patel wrote:
> IMHO it's upto an individual, whether to keep the logo at the bottom or
> not, but It MUST NOT BE IMPOSED.

It is certainly _not_ up to the individual. It is up to the copyright 
holder of the software they are using *for free* to decide on what they 
can and can't do with it.

Depending on their license choices, a user may, or may not, be legally 
allowed to remove or change things. It actually has _nothing_ to do with 
the individual user in the first instance.

Of course, there is plenty of Free Software where the user can do as 
they please with it. *But* the choice to grant this freedom or not 
belongs to the copyright holder - not the consumer.