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Re: Sale and purchase workflow

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
- 09/16/2015 04:03:36
I agree that 5kloc less should be a good thing. I'm doubtful about "more features supported and no features removed". It really depends on your definition of "feature", but an important thing is being lost, which is of vital value for integrators: extensibility.

THE feature Alexander THE Feature (I am close to a heart attack now).

I agree on "extensibility is very important". But the current implementation is way more extensible than the v8 one. Just a few examples try to extend v8 to:

- allow editing a sale order
- manage the return of goods at SO level (to you have to redeliver)
- manage upselling (if you deliver more services than sold, you can try to upsell)
- manage kits (you sell a kit, deliver components)
- wait for the validation of 3 persons before invoicing (but you can deliver)
- log a not when something has to be invoiced (a delivery order, a so line, a timesheet, ...)

I you want to extend sale.order in v8, all those stuff are complex to do. In version 9, its just a few lines of code, probably less than 20 lines for each of these features.

I seriously think you should go deeper in your analysis before judging. Try to port one of the OCA module. That's the best way to learn.