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Re: Sale and purchase workflow

Agile Business Group sagl, stefano sforzi
- 09/16/2015 04:10:03
+1 with Nhomar.

workflow is the different between erp and a simple accounting software.
We have a lot of customer the invoice from picking. I think that they will not migrate to V9.

Il 16.09.2015 09:52, Nhomar Hernández ha scritto:
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2015-09-16 2:34 GMT-05:00 Ana Juaristi <>:
I think this new aproach could be better (unify the way of invoicing Services) for services companies but %90 of customers we integrate are working with "materials" so they don't use periodical invoicing, or invoice from analytics. 
Just need to see the changes and evaluate the impact. I don't know if I should be really scared or delighted with this new aproach. Let's see.

See them ASAP @ana it is worst than partner problem hugely worst..... I have 2 days without sleep...

How can they do this kind of changes without make a planning is a good question..

the workflow was our shield before to avoid stuoid inconsistencies and errors.... honestly... the worst change ever.... :-(

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