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Re: mass importing partners. whats the best way?

KMEE, Luis Felipe Miléo
- 09/10/2015 19:43:17
Hi,<br><br>We import 30k with import_odbc from a Oracle database.<br><br>You can split the import columns in many imports, like name, address and etc.<br><br>Best regards

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Enviadas: Quinta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2015 7:07:32
Assunto: mass importing partners. whats the best way?

Hi there,

I would like to import some 60'000 partners from a foreign (mysql) database.
I tried to import them from a csv file.
But this just seems next to impossible in one single lifetime ..

Now my questions:
what is the best way do do so?
I do not mind to write a python script to achieve this.
However I would be gratefull for a kind of sample on how to do it.


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