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Re: Meet Richard - An Odoo Story

XPANSA, Eva Pinter
- 09/10/2015 00:05:36
Hi All,

I’ve been looking into the great French translation done by Olivier and have a few corrections proposals. (I did not read the english version)

1. Proposal for page 29

I a réduit ses coûts d’un tiers et a amélioré sa productivité de 110%

2. Proposal for page 32
…de partage de calendriers, de gestion des congés,…

Offre d’emploi sur le web

3. Proposal for page 18
…Cette croissance provoque la réduction des marges….

4. Proposal for page 22
Richard décida qu’il était temps de moderniser…

5. Proposal for page 2

Un dirigeant remarquable


Best Regards,
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On 9 Sep 2015, at 09:34, Olivier Lenoir <> wrote:

Hi Fabien,

Here is a French version.

Tell me if you approve this translation



Le 07/09/2015 17:42, Fabien Pinckaers a écrit :
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">

A few years ago we wrote a slideshow "Meet Richard" to explain the value of Odoo as an integrated management software. This communication worked great so we decided to make an updated version of "Meet Richard".

We are looking for help in the community to translate the presentation in different languages. If you are ready to help, can you:

2/ Translate to your own language
3/ Publish on Slideshare and send us the link so that we can promote it

During the translation process, do not hesitate to replace the logos by local players. As an example, in French, we should replace Quickbooks by Sage, and Magento by Prestashop. (only leaders on the market, otherwise it's better to keep existing logos).

Please do not publish the english version yet. We are fixing a few typos before distributing it more widely.



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