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Re: Disable some keys of keyboard, using Odoo

Houssine BAKKALI
- 09/09/2015 09:21:07
Hi Sylvain,

For me it's a must have. I mean having a configurable way of disable some shortkey!

so +1

2015-09-09 15:02 GMT+02:00 Sylvain LE GAL <>:
Hi all,

Recently, my users working on PoS (V7 for the time being) asked me to disable some combination of keys. For example, on Chrome, tipping on backspace key will do a history.back in some cases (*), that is quite annoying because in PoS, the current orders will be lost and the user has to wait that PoS was loaded.

So, I developped a little V7 module to disable some keys.

For instance, it is hardcodded : the module disable "backspace" and "F5" keys.

If some people faced to the same problem, I can share into OCA, making the list of keys configurable.

Let me know if you're interested, or if better solution exists.
Thanks for your attention.

Kind regards.

(* some cases is "if the cursor is not focused in a text field")

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