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Re: Anyone has experimented to implement Odoo POS for a supermarket

Houssine BAKKALI
- 09/09/2015 03:38:00

Hi Ronald, Rigoberto,

I'll probably come with a few more questions. Anyway Ronald it will be great if you could keep me informed with your today test on this thread.


Le 8 sept. 2015 18:02, "Ronald Wopereis" <> a écrit :

Working on implementing odoo for biological food store. Sharp POS (touch screen) works with scanner, cash drawer and epson printer (all from S.A. posbox kit.
This friday will do second test with Mettler Toledo Ariva. Now with Sharp POS which has RS232 port.
Previous test was with POSbox from S.A. which has only USB port.
Download 3,000 products (no images) less than 30 seconds. Is acceptable imho because only used once or twice per day.
Bio food branch has 70,000 articles from abt 40 suppliers. Retailer can tick which ones s/he does business with. Current test is with 8 suppliers and 29,000 articles. Custom module imports to product.supplier_info. Takes abt 2 hrs. 50 extra fields plus some translated (uom, tax, internal category, pos category, etc)
Let me know if you have further questions.

Op 7 sep. 2015 15:52 schreef "Houssine BAKKALI" <>:
Hi Community,

I would like to know if some of you have already implemented Odoo POS for a supermarket, successfully or not. I'm just gathering information and possible pitfall for an implementation. I know there is problems with getting scale directly connected with the POS and it's probably wise to avoid doing it. I also know about the starting pos session issue which could be very long for a lot of products to load.

The context will be several POS connected to an Odoo server in the cloud.

Any insight would be very useful and highly appreciated.


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