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Luke Branch
- 09/08/2015 12:12:45
Hi Peter,

are you using Odoo (version 8.0), or OpenERP (Version 7 or lower)?

If you're using version 8, and happen to have installed it on Ubuntu 14.04 then I don't think you'll be able to get the report designer to work.

The reason being that a package (pyuno) used in OpenOffice is written for Python (version 3+) in the default packaged version in Ubuntu 14.04, and is unfortunately not compatible with Odoo (running in Python 2.7+).

I found this out the hard way and wasted a fair bit of time on it, it is possible, however it requires rebuilding the OpenOffice package from another version of Ubuntu/Debian and required some scripting and Linux knowledge that is over my head at this point in time. With that being said however there are some alternatives.

Aeroo reports allows for creation of reports in XLS, ODS, DOC, ODF, PDF, and CSV formats 
with some basic python, and a basic knowledge of the model being used in the report you're creating. It requires a bit of a learning curve, however it's my preferred reporting engine for Odoo.

You can find a script here for installation of Odoo + Aeroo reports here:

A few other popular reporting engines that work with Odoo are Jasper Reports and Pentaho, although I have no personal experience with those two yet.

If you need any help getting started with Aeroo I'd recommend hitting the Odoo and Alistek help forums, or ask on this mailing list.

Is be happy to send you a few sample reports (eg. quotation, invoice, etc) as examples to get you started if you like.



On 8 Sep, 2015, at 9:30 pm, Peter Mudoko <> wrote:

Hi guys i am new to odoo, and have been practicing report design  in open office, but when i click on open ERP Report designer everything seems ok even connecting to server modifying reports, but on modifying reports, when i click open report error comes ..The report could not be downloaded ..url  seems to be unsupported, my open office version is 4.1.1 i have even tried 3.2 but impossible what am i missing

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