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Re: Anyone has experimented to implement Odoo POS for a supermarket

- 09/07/2015 17:11:46

Works well, I implemented in a chain of clothing stores in Ecuador and although I had to make some adjustments generally it worked well.

2015-09-07 8:53 GMT-05:00 Houssine BAKKALI <>:
Hi Community,

I would like to know if some of you have already implemented Odoo POS for a supermarket, successfully or not. I'm just gathering information and possible pitfall for an implementation. I know there is problems with getting scale directly connected with the POS and it's probably wise to avoid doing it. I also know about the starting pos session issue which could be very long for a lot of products to load.

The context will be several POS connected to an Odoo server in the cloud.

Any insight would be very useful and highly appreciated.


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