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Simpl!t Co., Ali Zuaby
- 09/06/2015 06:26:56

Product routes can be used to track product movement depending on your product type.
examples of using product routes:
- direct shipping from supplier to customer location
- if you have inbound warehouse, for qc for example, then another warehouse for distribution.
- with manufacturing you can track and manage multiple production lines and multiple location
- with fleet management you can use routes in many ways, like one of clients use it in rental services where client order a car, so routes creates order to transfer car from its location warehouse to service center for precheck then to pick up & delivery location.

Generally speaking routes are a way to manage and trace product logistics & depending on your business vertical to enhance item movement. 



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On 6 Sep 2015, at 9:53 am, Vicky Ach <> wrote:

Hi All,

I have dropped the below email but don’t know if you guys have received the same.


I would appreciate if someone of you can acknowledge the same





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Hi All,

I am new with ODOO and I have very small query. Please help to understand the purpose of routes?


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