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- 09/05/2015 13:48:45

as this is a sensitive subject, let me enforce your statement and provide more precise information.

2015-09-05 18:34 GMT+02:00 Tony Gu <>:

My answer to client's query about

That is a FUD created by the people from Tryton (, a fork project of OpenERP.

Tryton community is not involved in this campaign and made it official when the site was published a long time ago. Tryton community also demanded that any reference to Tryton to be canceled in this site. This campaign was forged by Openlabs India. OpenLabs India had an open conflict with OpenERP that blasted at OpenERP Opendays.
Technially tryton is a good project, created by some openerp former founders. But, they are famous about speaking bad words about OpenERP.

Tryton is a fork of TinyERP, by employees of Tiny sprl. Indeed, Tryton community members often criticize OpenERP/Odoo and Odoo open-source strategy, sometimes nasty (making fun), sometimes useful and factual. I also try to do so because I 'm involved in Odoo community and my consulting business consists in balancing pros and cons for my customers. Again, the site in reference is not endorsed by Tryton community nor leaders nor any OpenERP partner (as far as I know) but its author.

Some of what they said is true for the old version, but has been fixed in new version.

The problem with this site is that it is opinionated, negative and nasty. Any software has weaknesses, any commercial strategy has good and bad aspects. You can make bad words about it if you aim to fight and consider only one stand-point.

So, no worries.
They created this website, when openerp started sorrysap campain. ( website has been removed since last year, but may appear again when Odoo is truely ready to fight with SAP ;-)

I wish it never appears again as I always wished this sorryopenerp site to close. Seems this site is not maintained anymore, by the way.

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