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Matjaž Mozetič
- 09/04/2015 05:09:13
I would be extremely interested too to add them in the l10n_base_data groups (, where I handle the state/region/province/city(zip) in a similar way than the base_location module, but divided into standardized data groups per country (to be able to have more than one country in ZIP completion). Until now I have Slovenia, Italy, Norway and Switzerland, so it would be a nice addition to be able to handle more countries.

Thanks in advance.


On Fri, Sep 4, 2015 at 8:35 AM, Eva Pinter @ xpansa <> wrote:

Hi Eric,

I am interested in getting the states of Ireland and UK.

Thanks in advance


Best Regards,
Eva Pinter

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On 4 Sep 2015, at 06:53, Caudal Eric <> wrote:

Dear Community,
I have csv files for the following concepts:
- Full French zip codes (linked to city and state)
- Full American zip codes (id.)
- Partial Chinese zip codes (I will have somebody from my team format it and push to the Chinese localization)
- States/country for any country in the world (high level)

I was wondering if anybody would be interested and how I could share them.

I was thinking about uploading the csv file (they are clean but raw and need treatment for import) directly in the repo:
(Please let me know how: should I create a directory 'Zip Codes' or 'data'?)
I am quite sure these data are open source but I have not trace of licensing on them (I legally found them years ago on the Internet without paying anything).
If any volunteer (eg: from the French or American localization) would like to transform them in a module with import script or xml files then it would ease future import. Still I think they can be of interest for anybody as is.

Looking forward to you

Eric  Caudal (from my mobile)

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