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[Stock + Account] "Self" / "internal" use of productq

Sylvain LE GAL
- 08/31/2015 08:14:51
Hi all,

I have a need about specific uses of product for my company.
In some cases, I'd like to "use" products for another reasons than the original one (sale or produce). Example :
- I use my own food products for tasting with my customers;
- I use my cleaning products to wash my shop ;
- I give some products to a charity association ;

In all case, I would like to :
- generate stock move to have correct stock values;
- generate account move to mentions that product originally purchased for sale, will be finally used for another reason;

For exemple : (account number come from french chart)
#    |Account name        | D     | C |
6070 |purchase of goods   | -     |50 |
6232 |tasting             |50     | - |

I initially developped a module for V7, but migrating in V8, I would like to use more standard module (if exists) or odoo settings.

My question is how do you set Odoo to handle this cases ?


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