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ITpedia Solutions, LLC, Nicholas Riegel 2
- 08/29/2015 19:29:11
You might want to look into Avalara Avatax connector for sales tax calculation:

There is a cost for the Avalara service, but the Odoo module is free(libre), does not cost anything, and can be downloaded at:

Disclaimer: ITpedia Solutions, LLC is in not way affiliated with Avalara or Kranbery, just trying to help.

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On 08/29/2015 04:06 AM, OpenERP Master wrote:
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Is there a module that can apply tax to a sales order based on the customers location? For example, I want to charge tax for all sales orders if the destination is in the state California.

It is standard practice in American ecommerce to charge tax if the customer lives in the same state you conduct business, but charge no tax if they live in any other state;

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