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OpenERP Master
- 08/29/2015 15:29:39
There doesn't appear to be a module for this for what I have seen. As I was saying, this is basic standard functionality in an ERP/Accounting system (US). If you operate a store in the United States you are required to follow these procedures. Surprising that there wouldn't be anything out of box that supports this (at least that I have seen).

That being said, I have a requirement to support this, so it looks like I will be writing this feature,

On Sat, Aug 29, 2015 at 2:23 PM, OpenERP Master <> wrote:

This appears to be a configuration per country, however in the United States, tax is applied differently depending on a state/region inside the country. This is 101 for US tax. I don't see how this could be accomplished with the feature you mentioned.

On Sat, Aug 29, 2015 at 3:17 AM, Stefano Sforzi <> wrote:
You can use the fiscal position by country.

Il 29.08.2015 10:07, OpenERP Master ha scritto:
> Is there a module that can apply tax to a sales order based on the 
> customers location? For example, I want to charge tax for all sales 
> orders if the destination is in the state California.
> It is standard practice in American ecommerce to charge tax if the 
> customer lives in the same state you conduct business, but charge no 
> tax if they live in any other state;
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