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Re: Internal Move Waiting for another Move

OpenERP Master
- 08/27/2015 22:20:08

I did not use OE7, but if they have stock quants table, waiting another move happens because there is a move_dest_id on the move of that table. Waiting another move in even 8 is silly, because it is waiting for a specific move to happen and no other move matters. The same problem can happen if you have an item that is make to order and you even have stock it will create a purchase order and "wait" for that move.

Again, I have not looked at the specifics of your problem, but I have a module that probably does something similar to what your looking for if you want to fix yourself.

On Thu, Aug 27, 2015 at 7:34 PM, Hardianto Darjoto <> wrote:
Hi all,

I just find this problem, in OE7

When creating and confirming Manufacturing Order (MO), it created stock move:

Internal Move: Warehouse/Stock/Shelf > Warehouse/Stock

and will be followed by:

Warehouse / Stock > Virtual Production (Raw Material)
Virtual Production > Warehouse / Stock (Finished Goods)

If raw material available before MO confirmed, no problem. The workflows functioned well.

If raw material not available when MO confirmed, the status of first Internal Move will be "Waiting Another Move".

If we procure the RM and then put these RM in the location, it won't change the status. Still "waiting for another move" (>>what move?). And MO process stuck here.

I've just found this now because I used to work with Order Points rule for RM with Make To Stock, so there will be always RM available in Stock. Now I work with different stock policy (Make to Order), in which there will be possibility RM not available in Stock, and we just know no stock when triggerred by MO

but the problem still persist.

Is anybody here has the same experiences and solution?


Hardianto Darjoto
Odoo the new OpenERP
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