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migrating magentoerpconnect

- 08/27/2015 14:08:52
Hello community,

Does anyone tried to migrate an odoo 7 database with magentoerpconnect v6 (6.1.2) to odoo 8 using openupgrade ?

I know it sound weird but we adapted the v6 of the connector for install on odoo v7 when the magentoerpconnect 7 was not yet released. 

So now, what i have :
- Odoo v7 with magentoerpconnect v6.1.2

What i want :
-migrate the v7 database to v8 of odoo with the new version of the connector

what i have tried :

-launch openupgrade migrate script with link to new connector and his dependencies but since the code change too much, many errors occurs and i don't know how to write scripts for that without analysis files.

- uninstall magentoerpconnect from v7 database, run the migrate script on it. The migration ends well (with some errors fix) but i can't initialize the database on v8 because some fields in product table are missing (what is normal)

If at least someone tried to migrate from v6 to v7, thanks in advance for your help.

I was also thinking to look forward ETL migration like talend and I found this github repo : Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance.