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Dutch Odoo 9 Code Sprint

Frank Schellenberg
- 08/27/2015 08:50:29

Dear Dutch Odoo Community members and contributors,


A Dutch Code Sprint for localisation for Odoo 9 will be held on the most appropriate date for Odoo 9.


Wednesday 9-9-2015 in the lovely city of Breda. (Most of the developers that showed interest so far work in or around Breda.)


The exact location will still be determined, but if you want to be part of the Sprint please subscribe through this page:


Your name will then be added to this page after:


The shared goals for the day will be discussed here:


Hope to see you all soon!


Frank Schellenberg


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-- Let op: Onestein HQ is verhuisd! Vanaf 1 augustus 2015 ontvangen wij u of uw post graag op de Willemstraat 24 te Breda --


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