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Re: Changing Odoo User Security (Solution & Structure).

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 08/24/2015 10:50:51
On 24/08/15 15:42, Ahmed Elsaka wrote:
> He is a new Odoo community member, so he didn't know that,
> But anyway he completed the discussion as private,

No problem, just wanted to be sure to avoid spamming too much other 

> But, I hope to know what is Odoo's opinion regarding the subject, it is
> the important.

Your project of making the security easier to configure may be a good 
idea but beware in which aspects. Security is complicated and requires 
good understanding of principles in Odoo. All the security configuration 
part is in Technical Feature sections for a good reason :-)

For instance restricting the access to a menu or a part of the view does 
not restrict the access to the feature to users (more complicated but 
still possible).

On the other hand, restricting the access to some features (models) may 
break indirect flows. For instance, restricting the access to the 
products may make impossible to create a sale order.

So definitely we can make improvements to make it more user friendly but 
you need to be careful how.
For your suggestion of having a easy way to generate groups or attrs 
attribute, nice feature but I think the first step should be to have 
nice WYSIWYG editor to build your backend forms (and then, in this 
editor, setting attrs with a few clicks).
We don't have such editor in standard Odoo yet. We are working (not 
there yet) to have something similar to build forms in the frontend. 
Maybe, could be included in backend in the future (but not on the 
roadmap yet).


Martin Trigaux
Odoo (Formerly OpenERP)