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Re: Changing Odoo User Security (Solution & Structure).

Mohamed Hagag
- 08/21/2015 15:04:19

Hi Ahmed, plz let us know how to get involved.


On 08/21/2015 07:43 PM, Ahmed Elsaka wrote:
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Hi All,,,

I've take decision to change current Odoo security (User & Groups) solution and structure , as it's not user friendly now, and it is like technical part not functional administration. 

You can't make one field in specific form as read only specific groups without technical skills (attrs "xml"), 

From my view, it's not the perfect solution, So I'm as System Functional Consultant, I have the idea to make it very easy as functional part not technical, 

If anyone want to join this project as technical or functional, Please send to me,

I think it will be great project and will add excellent value to Odoo product.

we will share this module as free for Odoo community after finishing it.


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