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Re: Changing Odoo User Security (Solution & Structure).

Nhomar Hernandez
- 08/21/2015 14:47:54

2015-08-21 12:42 GMT-05:00 Ahmed Elsaka <>:
we will share this module as free for Odoo community after finishing it.


I think you can:

1. Fork repository OCA/server-tools
2. Make first jobs there adding your module.
3. Make a PR with the roadmap.
4. Discuss, discuss, improve, take ideas.
5. Then merge it there.

One of things that make hugely expensive private developments and make difficult to put them freely availables is that they think on release ""after it is ready"" there I personally can give feedback and/or help you if needed.

Are you agreed?.

about the feature itself:

I think this is a technical feature no matter how easy we develop it, because open or clos a model/field is something that can not ever make a functional user/consultant, the collateral damage with website in the middle can be so huge.

BUT it does not mean it must be as difficult as now, there I am agreed on the feature.


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Nhomar Hernandez