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Re: New readonly posbox images

Alejandro Perez Cosio
- 08/21/2015 11:29:00
Well, I can see I have root access, but no way to use aptitude, apt-get 
or synaptic..
Is there a way to re able some of these managers?
My goal is to install xfce4 on it..


On 19/08/15 11:42, Antony Lesuisse wrote:
> We published a new image for the posbox. It now uses a script to automate the
> creation of an image, it means that anyone can rebuilt the image himself
> (previous images where done manually).
> The script takes a default raspbian image and tweak it to remove useless
> packages and configure a minimal version of odoo with the hw_ modules.
> The new image works in readonly mode (it never mount -o remount,rw / instead
> we create a tmpfs for /var /etc and /tmp). SD cards were failing after months
> of use, because of the constant writing of logs and tmp files. This problem
> should be solved now.
> The image is also much smaller around 500Mb (compared to 2000Mb before). We
> tested it and it seems to work correctly but i would welcome more feedback.
> The image can be downloaded from here (it's the v13):
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