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OCA's account_reset_chart

gunnar wagner
- 08/19/2015 21:48:13
the problem of replacing an existing chart of accounts has been 
discussed in various threads here. I was under the impression ... it's 
not possible really.
Strangely an existing OCA module I bumped over just now which seems to 
solve this problem has never been mentioned in those discusstions.

I want to try that but don't quit understand the usage instructions in 
the README file though. Maybe someone here can clarify

 >> To prevent major disasters when this module is installed, no 
interface is provided. Please run through xmlrpc, for instance using 

does this mean you can not access odoo through your browser 
[ip-addresse]:8069 as long as account_reset_chart is installed?

then it proceeds ...

>> import erppeek
>> host = 'localhost'
>> port = '8069'
>> admin_pw = 'admin'
>> dbname = 'openerp'
>> client = erppeek.Client('http://%s:%s' % (host, port))
>> client.login('admin', admin_pw, dbname)
>> client.execute('', 'reset_chart', 1)

is this a script, a config file? how do you practically operate the 
reset process (if the above is a sctipt then I guess you run it (using 
the appropriate data for your case naturally)