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Re: Odoo saas-6 and V9-community, included open-core features

OpusVL, Nuria Arranz-Velazquez
- 08/19/2015 12:46:56
Thank you for your comments Nhomar.

By definition what you are describing is not open source.

Please see the Open Source definition here:

And in our humble opinion, it is not for debate.


On 19/08/15 17:27, Nhomar Hernández wrote:
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In Lines.

2015-08-19 4:37 GMT-05:00 Barnie Giltrap <>:
Hi Nhomar,

I've summarised your points below and replied for clarification if 

> They will continue being opensource, just not free as free beer (you
> will have access to the code)

Can you explain what you mean? Open Source that follows the generally 
understood definition?

OpenSource is about development methodology and access to the source code, it (AFAICU) will continue in that way.

BTW I am not Odoo, SA I just give my impression of this points.

About the Licence itself, they will be LGPL and some others "Paid" and "Privative Licences" but with access to the source code.
> No re-written, all modules you mentioned are new ones, the actual public
> free as free beer ones will be the same.

By "free as free beer" you mean a standard Open Source license with 
downloadable source code?

Yes, dowloadable for Free (no fees mandatory) 
> They can continue using private ones if they continue paying the
> on-premise licence, it means be on-premise or SaaS should not excempt
> the user to pay.

An Enterprise user has access to the source code of the private module? 
They can modify it?
However if there is a continued royalty or license fee attached it is 
not Open Source.

No, here you have a wrong concept, I can give you a simple example, if you for example install "Github Enterprise" you can modify and read the source code, BUT you must pay royalty, pay or not pay for the result of other's work is not what define opensource, what can make you different is if the definition is "Software Libre of Free Software" which is a total different definition and/or conversation.

IMHO ask for money because I do a job and propose such job as a product is completely understandable,  and give access to the source code is cool (and what make it open source),

What I always mention is that we should not sell the Idea of "leech" the market and Odoo's job trying to say customers it is "Free as free beer. (No fee attachments) " that's not the real value.

Every software a company install should be supported by the company itself (every community develop their mechanisms, licences, donations, fixed fees, anual fees or whatever) on this case "Licence per user".

NOTE: I am not saying it is cheap or expensive or "good" I am saying what it is in my understand only, I perfectly know for some situations pay per user is so so expensive.
Open Source freedom allows for it to be sold commercially, however the 
freedom then allows the buyer to use it without additional cost.

> THis is the logistic error people make and the reason we are having this
> conversation now.

We are all having this conversation because there is not a clear guide 
to these issues.

What I tried to say was more philosophical than factual.

If you win 100 dollars with Odoo' SA job (and community ones) and pay to all the sponsors which have the commercial model to do so (let's say 1 dollar per 10 tools)), then you help the "Open Ecosystem" but if you continue saying/selling as a fake value to your customers that the only guy that deserve a payment is " you" you are underestimating the job of the real guys that did the job.

I understand they are tools where it do not apply because several reasons, but Odoo is not the case in my opinion.

In privative world this topic is out of discussion, that's why the world is dominated by them, one time we as community understand such elements as "a fact" our lives will be easiest by far.
> EVERYBODY that make money or manage money with Odoo should pay NO
> QUESTION ABOUT THAT, sadly everybody confuse freedom with free beer and
> then we are expending a lot of resources on manage this situation......

The "Community" provide benefits to Odoo such as testing, patching, 
creating Market Awareness and growing the functionality of Odoo via 
additional features.

To summarise:

Open Core = Community Version this is Open Source

Enterprise Version = Open Core + Enterprise addons
I will try to summarize better.

Open Core = Community Version this is Open Source << and Free as Free Beer
Enterprise Version = Open Core + Enterprise addons  << With access to the code, and possibility of modify it if you need it.

The Enterprise addons will have source code available, however an 
Enterprise agreement is required. That does not meet the definition of 
Open Source, more a shared source type agreement. What license are the 
Enterprise addons released under?

For me Shared Code as you define it is the same as open source.

What you are looking for is for "Free Software" which is a different definition.
Also to clarify will all Enterprise addons be re-licensed into Community 
after 18 months?

I do not know! 
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