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Re: New readonly posbox images

Voedsel.Coop, Ronald Wopereis
- 08/19/2015 12:35:36
dear Anthony,

yesterday i was with the Dutch importer of Mettler scales, Ridder & den Hertog in Geldermalsen, Netherlands.
i had with me the posbox bought directly from Odoo. The scale was the Mettler Toledo Ariva S model.

the coupling with the posbox did not succeed.
we tried 2 different cables, one serial plus a serial-usb converter attached, one an official usb cable from Mettler.

the importer technical service have their own (windows) program to test the device.

results were: 
 - with the official usb cable from Mettler, both windows (theirs) and ubuntu / raspberry (mine) failed to connect;
lsusb gave no new device entry
 - with the serial cable + serial-usb converter (this cable creates a 'COM' port on windows - we could see a new device in lsusb; but there was no description in lsusb (such as 'Toledo' or 'Mettler' , which the hw_scale code requires)

my question is:
what cable did you use to successfully test the hw_scale interface?
do i need to install an additional driver for this scale on the posbox?


2015-08-19 17:42 GMT+02:00 Antony Lesuisse <>:
We published a new image for the posbox. It now uses a script to automate the 
creation of an image, it means that anyone can rebuilt the image himself 
(previous images where done manually).

The script takes a default raspbian image and tweak it to remove useless 
packages and configure a minimal version of odoo with the hw_ modules.

The new image works in readonly mode (it never mount -o remount,rw / instead 
we create a tmpfs for /var /etc and /tmp). SD cards were failing after months 
of use, because of the constant writing of logs and tmp files. This problem 
should be solved now.

The image is also much smaller around 500Mb (compared to 2000Mb before). We 
tested it and it seems to work correctly but i would welcome more feedback.

The image can be downloaded from here (it's the v13):

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