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Re: Odoo saas-6 and V9-community, included open-core features

OpusVL, Barnie Giltrap
- 08/19/2015 05:35:05
Hi Nhomar,

I've summarised your points below and replied for clarification if 

> They will continue being opensource, just not free as free beer (you
> will have access to the code)

Can you explain what you mean? Open Source that follows the generally 
understood definition?

> No re-written, all modules you mentioned are new ones, the actual public
> free as free beer ones will be the same.

By "free as free beer" you mean a standard Open Source license with 
downloadable source code?

> They can continue using private ones if they continue paying the
> on-premise licence, it means be on-premise or SaaS should not excempt
> the user to pay.

An Enterprise user has access to the source code of the private module? 
They can modify it?

However if there is a continued royalty or license fee attached it is 
not Open Source.

Open Source freedom allows for it to be sold commercially, however the 
freedom then allows the buyer to use it without additional cost.

> THis is the logistic error people make and the reason we are having this
> conversation now.

We are all having this conversation because there is not a clear guide 
to these issues.

> EVERYBODY that make money or manage money with Odoo should pay NO
> QUESTION ABOUT THAT, sadly everybody confuse freedom with free beer and
> then we are expending a lot of resources on manage this situation......

The "Community" provide benefits to Odoo such as testing, patching, 
creating Market Awareness and growing the functionality of Odoo via 
additional features.

To summarise:

Open Core = Community Version this is Open Source

Enterprise Version = Open Core + Enterprise addons

The Enterprise addons will have source code available, however an 
Enterprise agreement is required. That does not meet the definition of 
Open Source, more a shared source type agreement. What license are the 
Enterprise addons released under?

Also to clarify will all Enterprise addons be re-licensed into Community 
after 18 months?

Barnie Giltrap
Applications Specialist
t: 01788 298 450