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Re: Odoo 8 backend full responsive layouts (mobile friendly) any community projetcs on that ?

Ermin Trevisan
- 08/19/2015 04:14:50
Just to add some salt to the discussion :-)

I'm really not sure if a responsive backend alone has much value by 
itself. The theme looks great, that's ok.

But in many parts the Odoo backend user interface is tedious, cumbersome 
and really hard to understand for normal users, especially of small 
companies, and that already on a desktop. Making this responsive to use 
it on smaller devices makes it only worse.

On the first sight, IMHO there are 4 main topics which need massive 
improvements (from a non-technical perspective/language):

1. Languages/Translations

Allow to define a default language for the backend the same as for the 
website, independent of the user's personal language preference. Put all 
translatable texts in the forms into the default language, not into the 
source language except if the default language is english. If clicking 
on the translation icon, expand translation fields in the same form 
which disappear after saving the translation text or collapsing the 
language expansion.

2. Tabbed forms

Applies mainly for master data: make all reasonably necessary fields 
available in one form without tabs. Offer collapsible expansion (buttons 
for example) for extended features/functionality/additional fields.

3. Master/Detail Views

Make the tree (list) view available for editing (fast or mass editing) 
and the columns selectable. Offer combined master/detail views (list and 
form view in one window)

4. Navigation/Menu structure

Restructure and redesign the navigation and the menus in order to make 
them better understandable and more efficient.

That way, there could be a good chance to combine the commercialisation 
needs of Ahmed and the community aspects or Nhomar:

Ahmed could provide the "plain" responsive backend UI to the community 
for free and offer the true UI improvements as separate addons for money.

Just my 4 cents

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