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Re: Odoo 8 backend full responsive layouts (mobile friendly) any community projetcs on that ?

El Aleman, David Arnold
- 08/18/2015 23:47:54
BTW, are you planning to make the left menu slideable? This would be a greate improvement as to available space on some forms.

El mar., 18 ago. 2015 a las 22:45, David Arnold (<>) escribió:
Ahmed, please put me as well on the subscribers list, so I won't miss the launch. Thanks!

El mar., 18 ago. 2015 a las 18:12, John Pia Jr (<>) escribió:

I would pay for this. It's awesome looking. And really the only reason why I would need to move to v9 is the ui. Everything I need to do I can do with V8

Ahmed please let me know when and where I can purchase and for how much

- John Pia Jr

On Aug 18, 2015 6:34 PM, "Mohamed Magdy" <> wrote:
Hi All,

I am not sure why we discuss this here, we're discussing how should any developer publish his module (Paid or Free). Well, As Mr. Mario said 'Ahmed invested his time and his knowledge' for sure to earn his living. Most of you are companies who can plan and execute their own strategies through years which will help you to build a strong profile to get new projects, but Ahmed is a FREELANCER. 

You as a company will be paid to hire developers to work on some projects, In fact you're paid for the time of your team (you buy the developer's time and experience then sell it to customers). It is the same here, Ahmed will sell his time and his efforts. The code is open source for sure, he will NOT close the source. So, you have the option to pay for it, then you have a new option to modify it and resell it, no one will mind even Ahmed will welcome to do.

Ahmed also did not make any marketing as I can see in this thread, you can see that Mr. Yassine asked about a mobile friendly theme and in the same time Ahmed was about publishing his work. 

We know that this mailing list is for community to make Odoo better, not for marketing. Well, I agree. Paid Modules -As Fabien said- will motivate developers to do their best for a better modules. It is the same goal, as I can see, I will be happy to know that a new module with a new feature -BADLY NEEDED- and it will be great to be informed through the community mailing list "WHICH IS BUILT TO MAKE ODOO BETTER".

You may want Ahmed to say sorry and stop using mailing list for marketing his work that may make Odoo better, it is OK :). I think Ahmed can do this, and he can keep the module for himself and for sure he will welcome any private request to buy the module.

Best Regards,

Mohamed Magdy
Odoo and Django Developer

On Tue, Aug 18, 2015 at 11:42 PM, OpenERP Master <> wrote:
I am not in support of discouraging someone new in the forum, but to the point generically, not directed at the author in any way, I don't like when others post links to modules that are not open source. It is commercial advertisement, which takes away from the spirit that the software was founded on. I post modules all of the time, and reference link to github where the code can get gotten.

On Tue, Aug 18, 2015 at 4:35 PM, Houssine BAKKALI <> wrote:
Sorry Ahmed but if I follow your logic you can say "how odoo let their product on the market for free they could make a lot of money making people paying for using it"

In fact this is what is a capitalistic model while open source is more a collaborative business model... you don't pay for using the software, you pay for having services like hosting, fine tuning, customization, bug fixing, training, migration...

thinking like you do, i just wonder why you're not working on SAP our any closed sources software... And I don't say that I'm against paid app (even if I'm not convinced) I'm for added value paid services...

so we can't be disruptive adopting the rules that we want to break... community is here to help to make Odoo a better product and widely adopted...

I think that the first point of Nhomar was that they were using a community mailing list for adverstising not community work or apps... They were not the first ones to do that but anyway this is definitely not the place for this from my point of view...

even for the great paying apps it should be another mailing list for communication about it...

my two cents that doesn't grant for a free beer ;)
2015-08-18 21:43 GMT+02:00 Ahmed Elsaka <>:


I got your opinion,
You can see the positive part (everyday, there is a new Odoo app),

Actually, I know your apps, and I asked myself before, how you let module like "IFRS" as free, you should market and collect money regarding module like that, that what Odoo did :) :)

Anyway, my opinion is everyone market what he wants and everyone has the options to pay or not

The good work market itself :)

On 18 Aug 2015 21:49, "Nhomar Hernández" <> wrote:

2015-08-18 13:27 GMT-05:00 Ahmed Elsaka <>:
I think Ahmed isn't the first one who publishes or will publish paid apps, there are many paid apps on Odoo store based on AGPL, So why many persons don't accept the idea!!

My point is not "Publish paid or not publish paid" that's fine for me (we will do it in some moment).

My point is use this lists to promote an unfinished job, not public which is clearly a fake marketing in a set of features that clearly will sell an incorrect approach to end customers and other people around community.

I mean, I can not say by myself I will rewrite a paid interface for a backend "Not technically prepared to manage such situation" with only one man without introduce A LOT of bugs in all the client, it is technically impossible, then say that you will charge people for that it is not real markets This is "misleading advertising" and I think we have the dutty to say our technical PoV (well I think I have the duty to do that to ot generalize).

If somebody comes to this list new I do not want people reading that "there is a mobile interface available for 10 dollars and Odoo, SA is too expensive", I want they read the good options and the bad options.

As I said, may be in some point it will be good, but for that date, v9.0 is available, and compare "less expensive" between full featured integrated mobile interface vs. this one, "I prefer" pay enterprise (if it is a real need).

Then... put some screenshots do not makes you have a product, make a negative comment like mine because I am not agreed with your marketing does not make me a bad guy.

Saludos Cordiales

CEO at Vauxoo Odoo's Gold Partner.
Nhomar Hernandez


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