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Re: Odoo saas-6 and V9-community, included open-core features

OpusVL, Barnie Giltrap
- 08/18/2015 14:21:42
>> In beta test for selected customer only we added the enterprise branch
>> that currently contains

To clarify:

1.This enterprise branch is not opensource?

2. Going forward to V9 some of the modules have been rewritten for 
Enterprise only and will not be able in V9 Community?

3. Giving an example from the V9 pricing:

In Accounting only "Basic Accounting" is available in community, 
therefore to use:

Accounting Dashboard 			
Dynamic Accounting Reports 			
Bank Interfaces (U.S., NZ, Canada) 			
Statement Import: Coda, OFX, QIF 			
Check Printing & Deposit 			
Customer Follow-ups

Would require an on premise enterprise contract i.e the modules are 

4. What modules will be available to saas-6 customers with an Enterprise 
agreement? Are these modules opensource?

5. To summarise:

A current V8 install or cloud instance can be upgraded to saas-6, until 
the release of V9 cloud customers have no officially supported on 
premise version (they would have needed to stay on V8)

If a cloud customer uses enterprise modules in saas-6 and then decides 
to go to onpremise then they need to disable enterprise modules if they 
do not have an agreement in place.

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